Nov. 30, 2012 - 4:31pm

- Transmission from Nox Hale

We ran out of ammo about a month ago. And I can't help but hope that our situation is not an uncommon one. Because you're right it's one thing if the dead find us, it'd be a fight (and a vastly unpleasant one at that) but we'd at least have a chance. But, if we're found by the living... well... it's not a fight I think we can win.

- End of Transmission

Nov. 13, 2012 - 1:52PM


Nov. 13, 2012 - 1:43PM

We have more to fear from other humans, than we do from the dead.
Humans can think, the dead cannot.

Sporadic gunfire in the distance. We are on edge in this basement, and not getting much sleep.  I starting to regret the noise attention this generator has given us.

My M4 is always close by my side.


Nov. 12, 2012 - 12:15am

A brave soul, I hope she lives and made it out......I really have to shut this generator off NOW. We drew to much attention, I have to go put the down the dead before more come.

- Transmission from luckysuzy 
In need of help 
Hey it is luckysuzy im hideing in my home with my dogs and cats 2 dogs and 3 or now 2 cats. My cat is infected by one of the zombies. I blew its head off with my shotgun. Yes I am 11 but me and my brother have been ready for this since I was 4 he was 14 at the time but since he turned 18 he got some guns.

AK-47 46 of them
shotguns about 17 to 20
and some I cant name.

He got killed by a zombie and now im all alone and hideing downstairs in a basement thing me and him made and i cany hear them banging on my door that i tride to board up but they broke in and i can see them by a one way glass thing and am shooting the from the tunnel to the panic room from a hole he and I made and i need help i can see them eating my dead cat who is not so dead as i like. PLEASE HELP. 


Nov 12, 2012 - 12:12am

- Transmission from Anonymous

Wow, wife and I haven't seen or heard from anyone in so long, I was curious if we ever would again until I stumbled across this blog which still seems to get posts. Most of what's left of the internet seems to be down or unconnected, and I guess that's like what we're living right now.

After the last batch of walking dead came across our hold out, I lost track of how many we've taken down since this all started. The smell is awful, though the dry desert air helps to dessicate them quickly, and I can only imagine what it must be like in more humid areas. The wife is getting better at relaxing when she pulls the trigger, and those first few, she was just wasting our precious ammo. I'm glad for all the time we spent at the range before the outbreak, but can't seem to get my mind off of how much ammo that cost us, and how I wish I had that ammo right now. even the few thousand rounds we have left don't feel like enough. 

Food is holding out. The canned foods my wife over bought at the grocery store at my heeding back when the virus was first reported on the news has come in handy. I think the best tasting thing to eat is the canned peaches, because you get the sweet taste and the syrup for something to drink. We only have a few cans of those left, and my wife is leaving them for me - I may save the last one for special occasion. The grocery store was cleaned out faster than I could have imagined, and after 3 days there were just bare shelves and a bullet-riddled body; I guess there was a fight over something at some point, and it was a survivor, of sorts...

Water is going to be a problem. The 30-gal tanks we stored with the occasional rainwater are down to about 5-6 gallons a piece, and my Katadyn Hiker is getting harder and harder to pump. Wish I bought more filters when they were available. At this rate, we'll run out of water supply before the filter breaks, and I'm starting to think about jumping some fences to get at my neighbor's half-filled pools. Though the water is rancid, it's risky - both for coming up against the roaming undead, and water quality.

Can't wait for the government anymore, as it seems they've pulled out. We haven't seen a Humvee is weeks, and even the gunfire is quieting down at night. We're not the only ones running out of ammunition.

I'm at wits end about trying to venture out, because if I leave my wife here and something happens to me - what will happen to her?

- End of Transmission

Nov. 12, 2012 - 12:06am

So long ago.....Sept. 10, 2010 - 11:16pm

- Transmission from r00t

Hey Drak, 

It's such a relief to here back from you. I mean, fuck. I'd given up hope on you being alive. As for me, I'm doing alright for the circumstances. I've been heading south little by little since your last broadcast. How far, I'm not sure. The last sign I remember seeing was Doylestown, but that was a few days ago. I still have plenty of ammo. Ever since I got out of the city things have been pretty quiet; besides Quakertown. I'm not even gonna get into that one though. I'm praying that you're still doing fine and that the cold hasn't taken it's toll on you. I've been camping out in an 18-wheeler for the past few days. These nights are getting unbearable. I wasn't sure how long I was going to last until I found this truck. The poor motherfucker that owned it left me a nice Carhartt jacket and a shitload of twinkies. As for your broadcasts, I haven't even bothered to try out the radio in this thing. Hell, I haven't even bothered to try out a radio in a few years. What station are you guys broadcasting too? I'll be listening in the meantime. FUCK. I just heard a smash come from the trailer. I'll have to cut this off for now. 

Please hurry.


- End of Transmission

Nov. 11, 2012 - 11:56pm

We live.

God there is so much to say, but time is so very limited. Checking the CPU clock this cant be right......Has is really only been 2 years? It has felt like 4 lifetimes since the "Great Death"..........

My wife is watching my back as I write this, she has made me proud. Without her, I would straight up not be here and my life would have been forfeit to the dead long ago. The new found basement we are in is secure, and god can you believe, A WORKING GENERATOR.  The poor soul whomever this was in our past lives actually had the sense to fill the tank with "Sta-Bil", so the gas is still good......

My fingers have almost forgotten what the feel of a keyboard, the trigger has been their primary tool of late. Iv have seen more bloodshed than I can bare to fathom, both living and dead.  Someone, somewhere must be keeping these servers up and running. God only knows how. I honestly cant believe it.

My family, My friends, My brothers and sisters of humanity. I hope you receive this message that we are alive and holed up in this secure location.  There is so much more to say but I must shut down now to conserve power and noise. The Gasoline could be used for so much other things.

I dont know why I continue this.....maybe this is just to sooth my soul.....maybe its pointless....but whatever it is....

We live.


Sept. 17, 2010 - 6:39pm

- Transmission from Slickback

slickback here from stl area, did anyone make it out of here it was so last minute notice my party barely did....

It began as an ordinary day for me as I was preparing to do a photo shoot for a recently engaged couple. I decided college was not for me a few months back and decided to focus on work and my faith, needless to say this event rocked both of my worlds as the afternoon sun began to rise. My friend Alex normally drives me to where I need to go since my family members bugged out to the secure spot we chose months ago for the h1n1 mutations so it was just me and him in this cancer filled town trying to make a living in the recession. I always had checked the news before I left for the weather but as soon as it came on an emergency message from the police department and cdc screamed to life.

I had suspected a water main break mixed with vandalism like the norm but this time it was different. Alarmed citizens had reported that the dead began to rise and they just now got around to making a fucking announcement as the hospitals were flooded with bite victims who reanimated after 6 hours and went on to infect the living. I am not sure when this began since the st Louis area is the last to hear about anything. I knew this day was coming so I packed what things I had in my bag and called alex to tell him to do the same and waiting for him, while securing the location. Nothing yet on my side of town, people began to get on their roofs with whatever firearms they had and secured the entrances to every road creating check points. I grabbed my camera and began to shoot with the hopes if I died these pictures would live on so people knew what the world was before the dead began to rise. It was not long before he came and told me his girlfriend was coming along.
Fuck, I thought to myself, I don’t need any cutesy wootsy bullshit while trying to survive this hell hole I screamed but knew she may come in handy since she was a nurse. The plan was to get to Indiana since his family lived in the country but knew it was going to be hell getting out of here. We loaded the vehicle with what we could and set out on the back roads out of town. The pictures I have taken so far are typical ones that flood the evening news channel of alarmed people preparing for their own deaths but one that disturbs me the most is one of a little girl; she could not have been no more than 7. She held her hand on the glass door as her father boarded up the frame. The look in her eyes as she held her baby doll and puppy were that of a third world, war torn shit hit the fan last night, stone cold dead.
I am going to call this a night, i need to sleep because we are taking guard shifts and driving to get out of town. Bodies litter the streets and roads, gunshots fill the air and the moans of the undead army began to haunt into the lifeless night. If anyone is out there relay your position in Indiana and we will try to make contact. Please God let there be life… Did Alyssa even make it out of Florida…

- End of transmission

Sept. 12, 2010 - 1:58pm


Glad to read you are using your wit and keeping your back safe. You are right though, I have always felt fortunate and proud to be an American with the liberties and freedoms it has given us to fight the dead. God Bless America.

That island sounds pretty clever.
Keep well brother and check back soon with any updates to your status.


- Transmission Fahreruer

Good to see there are some people alive in this world.
But you ppl in the US are more lucky then we are here in Germany. No guns - I have been able to get two HK P10s from two dead cops, each with 2 magazines. Do the math...
But I don't have to travel a lot and I saw no Zed that has been able to swim so far. I holed up in a left powerplant in the middle of the Weser. I cut the flimsy bridge the leads to this smal concrete island before I made me a home here. I doubt that the parents of a friend mind that I took their lil sail yacht with me.
So far I made several small raids into the harbour (my new home was in dire need of some furniture and communication equipment, just in case)

So if you ppl have the ability to find a similar spot like me: get it. It's really worth it.

- End of transmission

Sept. 12, 2010 - 1:55pm

- Transmission from Kevin

Your transmissions are keeping me going, just knowing that humanity is finding a way to survive and communicate...There's a group of us holding up well in a small city west of Toronto. We have plenty of supplies but are lacking in the weapons department as we mainly have hunting rifles, shotguns and handguns. This is the only time I've ever wished to be American so a good assault rifle wouldnt be so hard to find heh heh. Spirits are up and down but we're alive, safe and fed.

Stay safe and best wishes to all who have found this site. Keep humanity alive!


- End of Transmission

Sept. 12, 2010 - 1:51pm

Quite day today, no sightings.

Its overcast outside and there is a damp chill to the September air. Winter is coming.

We decided to turn on the generators today to power up the homes to get a few things done.
For me it is to post my backlog of transmissions.

Sept. 10, 2010 - 11:16pm


God, Im sorry for your loss. Its hard to put into writing something that I should say more, but it will never amount to what you must be feeling. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Damn, I should have been more diligent in writing my journal. It has been 97 days since your call for help went out. Your post was dated June 28, 2010 8:47 PM

I hope you alive man I really do. To answer your question, yes I know of the area. But a dead city sits between us, we must get you out of there.

We have written a collective message from all the men, women and children here and are transmitting on the few AM frequencies we can.

We are located northeast of Philadelphia. If you can get within broadcast range of our OP, our message can guide you to us.

I know the streets and suburbia are suicide to travel in alone, but if you can move fast and still have the energy and ammo to travel, we are not that far apart. We can only send out our scout convoys so far. There are roadblocks everywhere.

If you have a radio than can work within range of us in NE Phila, transmit to us we can come to your position via our scout vehicles and give you a motorized transport back.

We all hope your alive.

Please Respond back....



- Transmission from r00t_610

I've seen you mention the Schuylkill River, where are you located? I'm contacting you from a town near Allentown. I'm assuming you know where that is.
I'm sort of in the same boat as you; I honestly have no clue how I have survived this long. My entire family is dead. They pasted about 4 months ago. I still don't know how I haven't killed myself. I mean, I guess I don't have to. The feeling of utter loneliness is slowly doing a great job of that. My food supply is running low. Every store around me has been depleted of ANY type of edible object. Giant, Don's Market; hell, even Taco Bell has nothing. Oh, the things I would do for a Chalupa right now...
I am well armed, though. I have a Bushmaster BCWA2F11.5/5.5 223 CAR 30RD that my Dad ordered a few weeks before the outbreak [Good timing, huh?] with what seems like an endless supply of ammo. I also managed to round up 4 smoke grenades and what I think are 2 frag grenades. Long story as to how I them; I don't know if they're real but eh, I can always hope.

If you are any where near me, I would be willing to travel. I will continue to check back for a response. Please, please help me.

Be safe

- End of transmission

Sept. 10, 2010 - 10:28pm

- From the words of Fargo007

Daylight. Not the best time to be out, but what is?

We are beginning to second guess our decision to remain in the house. It has been fortified well enough. We have had no entries. The dog has helped us to stay aware of them as they approach. He has no trouble detecting their stench from a distance. Having been face to face with a couple, I’m unsurprised.

The main problem is water. We had been using the creek as a water supply, filtering through a katadyn, but the water has grown increasingly foul. I don’t trust it anymore. If one of them is laying in it upstream and we drink it...

I really think our chances start to go up once we get further away from the population centers. The problem is making it out. We’ve got one running vehicle, plenty of gas, and plenty of ammo. As I see it, lack of intel on what is happening past where I am now is the biggest issue. The dog begins barking as I’m writing this. There’s one attempting to cross the creek into the backyard. Since I don’t want to poison the water for those downstream, I waited until he got over and square onto the lawn before resting the reticle right on the tip of his nose. I believed this to have (been) a neighbor up the street. Slow, so not so recently turned. The LWRC pushed back into my shoulder, and the suppressor crackled and hissed as I watched the round impact. The base of its skull detached and the head flopped backwards violently as the body continued walking forward, eventually falling backwards on its ass. I scanned as I reset the trigger. Nothing. Gun back on safe.

Great - Now there are four rotten, stinking corpses lying in the backyard in various stages of decay. The swingset and the trampoline that they lie in between have become painful reminders to my kids of how things used to be.

We cannot stay in the neighborhood anymore. We are packing up our supplies and are going to head west. I’m going to put the dog in the back seat with the kids, let the wife drive with a pistol so she can defend the cab while driving if need be, and I’ll keep a carbine and a shottie up front.

There aren’t many places that people are reporting reliably hold up, or have the resources to do so. Police stations, gun clubs and military bases seem to be the best bet. Once I get done working out a transportation plan of the best routes out of here, I think I’ll be heading for a gun club tucked away in the mountains out by Lancaster. Little place called New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club.

Sept. 10, 2010 - 08:58pm

They came in the middle of the night. But it wasn't a greeting the decaying endless death as we have come accustomed to.....

It has been a while since and dead have shown up in force with numbers upon our little enclave to really threaten us like it was in the beginning. The real miracle was how our little band got started, but that will be another post.

In those first few weeks, while we strived to secure an immediate perimeter around the small cluster of town homes we chose to secure to make a stand in together first, I really couldn't tell you honestly if we where going to make it out alive in this. There was just so many of them together en mass wandering around. Without the protection and support from my new neighbors, none of this now, what I am about to describe, could have ever formed. It simply cannot be done by 1 man.

On that first wall, we used anything we could get with the manpower we had available. Shit, we even tore up the sidewalk square slabs and used them as foundations for the wall. I mean we used ANYTHING. It was a rubble pile, but it was solid and most importantly it worked... and still remains our last line of defense if anything happens.

4 worked, while 8 fully armed with rifles and sidearms watched their backs.

We had a rag tag collection of firearms assembled by our own collections before all this shit went down, including my own lot. Mostly a collection M4's (or AR-15's a some of us like to call them). These as you can image came in just about in every configuration possible, but most of them where equipped with fast reflex sights such as Eotach's or Aimpoints. Every rifle is really a signature of its owner. Some had Magpul stocks and MIAD grips, almost all had a forward grips, my own has a RRA Nation match trigger. There was one who had a tricked out DSA FAL, free floated hand guard, the works.

Fucking hell though, we brought them all to us with the Gunfire. But what were we to do? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

First came the fresh ones, the ones the fucking run. Drop the runners to the ground with solid body shots knocked them out temporarily enough to take out the head with a single accurate shot. It is the only way to kill them, and its extremely hard to hit a moving head a distance especially under constant pressure and fatigue. 6 where on the ground with the workers, 2 where up on the roofs in prone positions for the more difficult shots. In stopping a zombie cold from a dead run in this the FAL proved to be by far the best, but it was the combination of the accuracy of the m4's that really kept things dead when undead hit the ground.

They came in numbers at times, and they also came one by one. We worked non-stop till completion. Taking shifts between constant guarding and back braking work. I don't even know how many day its took..2, 3? We were running mostly on caffeine and adrenaline from the constant fear and stress. Hitting your mark at a moving target is not easy on the mind, it can be just as hard as physical labor. But it was the need to protect our families inside that drove us on.

Once a the rubble pile was 5ft high, i think it was on the 3rd day actually, we felt semi-comfortable enough for us to take shifts in sleeping. 4 at a time had that luxury. while 4 guarded and 4 worked.

Now we have multiple walls.


It was yesterday at 9:02am, that we got a call from outside of those walls. I was smokin' one of my last cig's scanning the bleakness of the horizon, my m4 slung down across my chest via a single point sling, when out of nowhere....


A fully loaded truck comes slamming around the corner. In tow, was about a half dozen sprinters (they looked fresh, god knows where they came from). I could hear faint popping and i even noticed at the time while i aimed down the sight of my rifle, they were dropping with precision, but i did not hear any rifle report. Was that a suppressor?

Pulling up to the semi-trailer gate was not death, but LIFE! A whole Family by the looks of it. Kept safe, and well fed by the looks of it.

After a brief introduction we let them in, cautious as always at first, but we soon found out we had nothing to fear from this family. Well maybe the dead should fear them.

It was Fargo007 with his family, and they were on the move.

My next entry will be a verbatim description of his account.

Jun. 16, 2010 - 04:35pm

We are holding on to what is left of our humanity.

Im not quit sure how we survived this far. Our enclave of families have exhausted and scavenged all food, water, and fuel within a 10 mile radius from our location. .....yes, "our" enclave.

I would like to think our survival, is in part due to the intelligence of our collective minds over the decaying flesh of our enemies.

Much has taken place since my last transmission back in 2009. I will fill you all in more in the coming days as we are powering back up a small portion of the grid within our fortified suburban street for via 4 of those large Road construction generators. Soundproofing them within an abandoned home turned out to be a real challenge. That was one of the days we almost lost everything.

Our last scouting mission brought back a "liberated" 18-wheeler diesel tanker. It sitting omniously in the middle out our cul-de-sac. I will speak more on this later, as it has proven to be one of our only means of procuring immediate resources.

Everything is rationed, so needless to say powering back up the internet has taken a back seat to keeping our food reserves frozen.

But now communication with the outside world has again taken priority without or community.

It has been a long time since we found new survivors. Which hangs heavily on our hearts. I take pride in our new life we have created, but being "human" is to be around others.

If you are alive, and if you can reach us. You have a safe place within the high concrete walls of our suburban street.

Our way of life has changed. Yet we survive. We WILL Survive. Was that an unsuppressed rifle report I just heard? All of our perimeter guards have silenced rifles, why is someone firing..

Oh shit they are here, they somehow must have heard the genera...